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Thomas and George Douzis, Ergon


Thomas & George Douzis

Ergon Foods & Ergon Houses

Boutique Hospitality as per Thomas & George

"ERGON Houses are not just places to stay but destinations where culinary excellence and innovative hospitality merge, creating unparalleled experiences.
Our unique blend of authentic Greek flavors, artful design, and warm, inviting spaces offer a gateway
to a new kind of lifestyle hospitality, one that celebrates culture, connection, and the joy of discovery.
Every House is thoughtfully crafted with its own unique identity, reflecting a carefully curated blend
of design, ambiance and thematic inspiration unfolding a story of individuality.

With an array of meticulously designed locations in Greece, such as Ergon House Athens, Ergon
Bakehouse Athens and Ergon Beach House Chalkidiki, the brand has redefined the concept of accommodations.."

The Story

ERGON: A Decade of Culinary Innovation and Global Influence

ERGON has been a pioneer in promoting Greek culinary heritage across the globe for over a decade, with a significant footprint in Greece, the UK, Qatar, UAE, and Cyprus. This trailblazing lifestyle brand by brothers Thomas and George Douzis has been at the forefront of the Greek culinary renaissance, seamlessly blending traditional techniques with contemporary innovations to forge unique experiences that celebrate Greek culture and gastronomy.

Our first step was the start of a family business in Thessaloniki with three generations’ worth of experience in the food sector, with the goal of promoting unique Greek products.

In dealing with different farmers and producers from all over Greece, we realized there was a need to establish one unifying brand, that would guarantee the overall quality of a broad and diverse product range.

So that’s what we have decided to do. To create a range of fine-quality products, under a brand that could ensure that traditional Greek produce meets the 21st-century standards.

Today, ERGON has 25 stores in its network. We have been able to successfully develop outposts that range from small coffee and sandwich places to Ergon delis and restaurants, to our flagship Ergon Agora – a 150,000 sq.ft. celebration of all aspects of the Greek specialty food space and of course Ergon Houses, with Ergon House Athens being the the first foodie hotel in the world and an amazing rooftop just under the


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