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Elsa Exarchou


Elsa Exarchou

Owner & Founder
Mikro Papigo 1700 Hotel & Spa
Heritage talks with Tourism since 1953
CEO Branding Greece

Boutique Hospitality as per Elsa

"Remember to Live. Artisans of paradise. A mythical destination, an atmosphere that defines elegance, a heartfelt welcome from first encounters to familiar faces crested with talent and generous spirit, prologue our legendary boutique experience."

The Story

Literally was born and raised within multicultural tourist environment of her family businesses in tourism field, influenced both by mountain and sea tourism, Elsa Exarchou studied and holds MBA Hotel & Tourism Management, shaped through English and French Universities and cultures, specializing in Sustainable Tourism. She also studied Motion Graphics and Animation at Akto Art & Design College in Athens.

CEO of the world award – winning Mikro Papigo 1700 Hotel & Spa – The Unesco Heritage Monument Design Hotel & Spa .

CEO of Branding Greece, a boutique creative company, which stands as a catalyst for change by tapping consumer’s hearts. Tourism Awards 2020 bronze Winner for Strategy / Strategic Investment/ Cooperation / Development.
Founder & Composer of “ Epirus 365” project, a wider effort to make Epirus a tourist destination that will welcome travelers throughout the year. Epirus365 project won the Tourism Award 2020 represented from Branding Greece. Ex – independent partner of the Greek National Tourism Organization (EOT), Ex -Vice-President of the Association of Tourism Enterprises of Zagori and President of Zagori Greek Gastronomy Project. Ex – formal member of “ Anaptyxiaki Epirus AE” Board of directors.
Current active Tourism Consultant for the same Organization, “ Anaptyxiaki Epirus AE” Co-Founder of “ Epirus Gastronomy Bridge “ project. Founder of “ Oenomads “ project. The official wine – tourism project of Epirus.
Mother of two children, Chrissi 17 & Maximos 15 years old.

Mikro Papigo 1700 Hotel & Spa is located within the core of the Vikos-Aoos Geopark, a UNESCO cultural heritage site. The hotel carries the same name, as its seven buildings date back to the 1700s, while the eighth building was originally constructed in the 16th century. This last building is particularly noteworthy as it was the first guesthouse to open in Zagori in 1953 by my ancestors, Elisavet Exarchou and Theoharis Kapellos. These are historical buildings, a neighborhood that has been reborn, with its old bearing state revived with absolute respect for tradition in terms of architectural approach.
The avant-garde design in the interior structures is a very personal affair; I have never hidden my passion for interior design, and yes, it has a rich history to tell. It has a soul, a heart, and it breathes. It is not a hotel in the classic sense of the term. I believe that our very DNA differentiates us, a cellular split from the obvious and the predictable.

Additionally, the long-term strategy of sustainable services at Mikro Papigo 1700 since 2007 has resulted in success not only because the characteristics we highlight are authentic, reliable, and environmentally relevant. The advantage of differentiation arises from the perception that the product/service is more valuable or unique in the eyes of the customers. The personality, experiences, and unique relationships are difficult to replicate.

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