The Boutique Community

The Boutique Community



Stratis Batagias​

Hotelier of The Manna Arcadia

Boutique Experience as per Stratis

“Boutique hospitality is where love & attention you put out in every detail is greater than the hotel itself”


‘Since I was a child a had “a thing” with hotels. It felt magic to be able to stay in a room anywhere in the world. Although my background was in retailing at the family company, I always knew it was a matter of the right timing to get into the hotel business as well. I discovered the building that is today MANNA, when I was 7 or 8. My days at the summer camp just 1.5 klm away were always related with the visit to the abandoned sanatorium. The energy of this place was haunting me, in a good way, for years. I was dreaming of it as a hotel. And it was only after 30 years that I got the chance. The procedure was long. It took 8 years with all the permits, the licensing & the reconstruction. Today, MANNA is a sanctuary in the arcadian virgin forest, where one gets lost only to find himself.

I want to create memories. Beautiful memories that guests take with them when they check out. And they long to come back. That for me is the most full feeling emotion.’

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