The Boutique Community

The Boutique Community


Definition of Boutique Hotel Types

B for Boutique

At Boutique Setters, we strongly believe that unique experiences can set you apart and the secret lies in the emotions and images we create through the activation of all our senses…. 

Therefore, for Uniqueness, we choose to ”Go Boutique’’. There is a whole world of Boutique places out there offering magic moments, leaving a long-lasting memory. Let’s define what is ‘’Boutique’’ though and how many different types of Boutique stays exist. 

Boutique experience​

Boutique experience

Boutique experience embraces simplicity, and authenticity, focusing on the art of the understated elegance and refined minimalism…and so luxury is defined.

Boutique Hotel

While not all small hotels are boutique, all boutique properties are small. A Boutique hotel embraces individuality, charm, local character, and, of course, size.  It keeps in mind current trends in the hospitality industry, including art, culture, and design to offer a unique experience not available at other properties. We hand-pick & verify as ”Boutique”, hotels that are consciously designed, intimate and have an extraordinary story to share. Hotels that go the extra mile, providing the contemporary traveler with that local flavor and sensibility we all crave when we travel.

Boutique Lifestyle Hotel

Boutique Lifestyle Hotel

A lifestyle hotel is a distinctive accommodation that goes beyond traditional hospitality by curating an immersive experience tailored to a specific theme, concept, atmosphere, or guest lifestyle. Often featuring unique design elements, local influences, and personalized services, aiming to create a memorable and individualized stay. Lifestyle hotels focus on delivering a particular ambiance or set of experiences that resonate with the preferences and interests of their target clientele. They cater to specific lifestyles or interests, such as art lovers, foodies, or adventure seekers.

Boutique City Hotel

A small, stylish, and often independently owned hotel located in an urban setting. It distinguishes itself by offering a unique and intimate atmosphere, personalized services, and a focus on individualized guest experiences. It can be addressed to business clients or to business leisure clients. It is usually an extension of celebrating the city on culture, art, and food.

Boutique City Hotel​

Boutique Budget / Hostel

This is a hybrid accommodation that combines elements of a boutique hotel with the communal and budget-friendly features of a hostel. This type of lodging aims to offer a unique and stylish experience while maintaining a social and communal atmosphere.
Hostels cater to a diverse range of travelers, including solo adventurers, budget-conscious tourists, and those who appreciate a more social and communal travel experience.
The combination of affordability, style, and a sense of community distinguishes Boutique Hostel Hotels within the broader hospitality landscape.

Boutique Luxury

They are 5-star boutique hotels offering a bigger variety of guest facilities such as F&B outlets, wellness & and fitness areas, and 24-hour front office assistance. They have the latest state-of-the-art amenities and offer advanced technology to enhance guest experience. 

Boutique Resorts

Is a type of accommodation that combines the intimate, stylish, and personalized features of a boutique hotel with the recreational and leisure amenities associated with resorts. They provide a blend of luxury appealing to travelers seeking a more intimate and unique resort experience. Often situated in scenic or exotic locations, such as beach fronts, mountains, or culturally rich areas, enhancing the overall guest experience.

Boutique Glamping

Redefine luxury under the stars, seamlessly blending the allure of boutique hospitality with the thrill of glamorous camping. Nestled in breathtaking natural settings, these unique retreats offer stylish tents or cabins, upscale amenities, and curated outdoor experiences, providing an unforgettable fusion of comfort and adventure for the modern traveler.

Boutique Glamping

Boutique B&B

Emerge from the successful transformation of expansive residences into intimate retreats. Each room is a testament to the artful conversion, creating a warm, home-like atmosphere for a distinctive bed-and-breakfast experience.

Boutique Lodges

Boutique Lodges embrace the spirit of bespoke hospitality, offering an exclusive escape in nature. Situated in serene landscapes, each lodge is a masterpiece of design, providing discerning travelers with a haven of tranquillity, personalized service, and immersive experiences.

Boutique On Board

Refers to a unique category of accommodations that are situated on various modes of transportation, such as trains, small cruise ships, or private yachts, offering a boutique hotel experience while in transit. These establishments bring the concept of boutique hospitality to travelers who seek both the luxury and personalized service associated with boutique hotels, along with the mobility and scenic experiences of being on board a moving vehicle or vessel. The design, amenities, and services of these boutique hotels on board are tailored to create a distinctive and memorable travel experience, often featuring stylish interiors, gourmet dining, and personalized services against the backdrop of ever-changing landscapes or seascapes.

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