The Boutique Community

The Boutique Community

Boutique Hotels & More

Who qualifies?

Any Boutique:  hotel, hostel, resort, yacht, B&B, or residential accommodation that is privately owned.

As well as any new developments / coming soon.

Boutique Setters has put together a selection process and is reviewing between others the size, the design, the ownership (only independent hotels), the location, the experiences offered, the quality of the service, the authentic character, the sustainability efforts, and the personalized touch.

Why become a member?

  • Part of the Boutique Community – An ecosystem of Boutique Experience Design Professionals that are joining forces to reshape the world of boutique hospitality and set the trend of a boutique Lifestyle led by emotions & authentic experiences
  • Joining a highly vetted network
  • Exposure – Raising brand awareness and credibility
  • Building strategic partnerships
  • Pairing with the Top Vendors & Suppliers across the globe
  • Benefit from industry discounts exclusive to the members of the community
  • Access to exclusive industry events

Apply and let us guide you through

Make a buzz and let us know your need- We are made to find you solutions

Get in touch today and receive a complimentary consultation.

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