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Yorgos Chrysanthopoulos

Co-owner at The Bold Type Hotel
Co-owner at Distinto Restaurants

Boutique Experience as per Yorgos

"The new Greek hoteliers have elevated hospitality to another level, placing a profound emphasis on meticulous attention to detail and personalized service. These establishments have transformed the hotel experience, going above and beyond to provide guests with a truly immersive stay. They strive to impart as much information as possible to enhance the quality of your visit.

Greek hospitality, once challenged by adversity, is now emerging to exemplify the essence of what it means to be truly hospitable.

When the primary focus lies in personalized service, ensuring that guests’ experience reaches its full potential, whether they visit for leisure, work, or simply to explore the surroundings."


Yorgos Chrysanthopoulos was born and raised in Patra, the capital of Achaia, a city that he loves dearly and wouldn’t trade for anything.
He found his true passion in his hometown. After completing his studies in Tourism Business, he returned to Patra and became an entrepreneur at the young age of 22.
He acquired his first food and beverage establishment in the city center, followed by another restaurant on the beach of Rio.
These ventures became his dedicated focus. Today, after 20 years, both establishments continue to thrive in their original locations.
The economic crisis in Patra, between 2012-2017, resulted in the loss of two prominent hotels, creating a significant void in the hospitality sector.

George embarked on a journey in hospitality in 2018, determined to find the perfect project.
A remarkable building in Patra caught his attention and after persistent efforts, his company finally established contact and acquired the Galanopoulos Mansion – an impressive structure nestled in the historic town, overlooking the Ancient Odeon and the Acropolis of Patra. Having waited for 150 years, it yearned for a purpose.
This marked the birth of The Bold Type, a boutique 5-star hotel that places utmost importance on delivering exceptional service.

“Our profound passion for this business drives us, and we have ambitious plans to uncover and restore other old buildings throughout Greece.  Our primary focus lies in personalized hospitality, ensuring that guests experience the city to its fullest. Combining our expertise in food and beverage, we created a space that boasts an intriguing gastronomy and oenology aspect.

With meticulous attention to detail, we strive to offer even more enriching experiences at The Bold Type Hotel.”

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