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Kostis Karatzas

The Modernist Hotels

Boutique Experience as per Kostis

"A boutique hospitality experience is the outcome of a complex and multifaceted process. The industry’s focus is usually on interior space, and indeed we see many new projects with exciting and detailed design. However, these are just the foundations upon which guest experience is created. People are the critical factor; those who make a difference by creating the energy of a space. In my mind, boutique hospitality is the creation of authentic, honest and ethical experiences that make guests feel like they belong."


Kostis Karatzas is a hospitality entrepreneur with a background in engineering and design. He is the founder of The Modernist Hotels, a lifestyle hospitality brand that inspires curiosity and authentic experiences, supporting its local communities and committed to work towards a more open, ethical and sustainable future. He is also the founder of The Greek Foundation, partner at Ergon Foods, and actively involved in various other projects in Greece and abroad.

 ”I come from the world of architecture and design. This has always been my passion and it is what led me to hospitality. Following my engineering studies, I moved to London, where I lived and studied for a few years. Later, I decided to return to Greece and in 2017 I found this unique mid 20’s listed building in the centre of Thessaloniki. The fascinating potential of repurposing it, in combination with the lack of contemporary hospitality options in my hometown, gave birth to the idea of The Modernist. So with no prior professional or academic experience in hospitality, I took this leap of faith. It turned out to be much more complicated than I thought, but as I keep immersing myself into the world of hospitality, the more it fascinates me.”

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