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The Boutique Community



Omar Sawaf

Co-founder & CEO of The Cohort

Boutique Experience as per Omar

“Boutique hospitality, to me, represents a personalized and immersive approach to the art of hosting. It embodies the essence of tailored experiences, where every detail is carefully curated to reflect the unique character and culture of the hotel. The boutique experience goes beyond just providing a comfortable stay; it’s about creating memorable moments and fostering a deep connection between guests and their surroundings. It’s a celebration of individuality, where smaller, independently-owned properties can showcase their distinctive charm and offer a more intimate and authentic encounter for travelers seeking something beyond the ordinary. In essence, boutique hospitality is the epitome of hospitality with a heart, where genuine care, attention to detail, and a genuine passion for creating exceptional memories converge to redefine the travel experience.”


Omar Sawaf’s life has been a global journey that has profoundly shaped his character and career. Born and raised in the diverse and multicultural landscape of Canada, he developed a deep appreciation for diversity and a strong work ethic from an early age. However, his path took him far from his Canadian roots when he relocated to Lebanon to complete his high school education and pursue his university studies.

Yet, it was in Saudi Arabia that he made his mark in the world of contracting. In the dynamic and ever-evolving Saudi Arabian construction industry, he founded and managed a contracting company that boasted an impressive workforce of 3,000 employees. His leadership and vision propelled the company to execute construction projects with a cumulative value exceeding $1 billion, showcasing his expertise in managing complex ventures and delivering exceptional results.

Furthermore, Omar Sawaf demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit by taking on the challenge of acquiring and revitalizing a HVAC air distribution manufacturing entity with annual sales reaching $20 million.

Omar Sawaf’s diverse background, from his Canadian upbringing to his successful career in the Saudi Arabian contracting industry, has uniquely prepared him for his latest venture. After experiencing a gap in the hospitality market during his own travels, Omar, partnered up with close friend Adam Rafeh, and  embarked on a new journey. Departing from contracting, Omar and Adam founded Cohort, a hospitality lifestyle brand, to fill the void he had identified. With his extensive business acumen and a desire to create something special, Omar now brings his passion for excellence to the world of hospitality, striving to redefine the travel experience with a brand that reflects his vision and values.

Apart from his remarkable achievements in the business world, Omar is an active and engaged member of the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), where he collaborates with like-minded individuals who share his passion for leadership, innovation, and making a positive impact in their communities.

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