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Hotel Linen & Towels

KIMISOO balances between excellent quality and eclectic aesthetics, while striving to be both sustainable and ethically responsible. A Greek brand, launched in 2019, featuring design collections available in the following categories: bed, bath, living, dining & fashion. Our products highlight the care and attention to detail we invest in our work. Textile qualities of the highest standard are used in contemporary yet subtle ways, always alluding discretely to Grecian heritage and aesthetics. KIMISOO products are easily included in any home, hotel, yacht and business environment. Apart from the existing collections available there is a wide range of bespoke possibilities based on each client’s needs and wants. Our aim is to create spaces where one can find serenity and calmness while immersed in intimate luxury.

At KIMISOO we have our projects thoughtfully curated. Here you can find unique designs offering custom and bespoke solutions. We also offer a capsule collection always in stock in order to quickly cater to your needs. Hotel Collections ‘white’ are always in our product mix while we develop new embellishments and basic white articles. Our team focuses on the tourism sector, a celebrated and popular industry in which we have the knowledge, experience and know-how for the past 10 years. Partners will also benefit from our approved KIMISOO partner badge and at the same time they will have access to the monthly newsletter, discounts and free marketing exposure through our blog, posts and project page. Lastly, If you like our style, we can design exclusively for you! Ask our creative team for more information on our design services.

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