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Divine Seeds

Divine Seeds

Divine Seeds is a Greek indie skincare brand with the vision to bring the best of Mediterranean nature to the skincare industryAfter heavily investing in extensive Research & Development we have created our formulae exploiting two key ingredients that have not been used in formulating similar products, derived from prickly pear (“φραγκόσυκο”) and artichoke. The idea was to fortify skin’s resilience, in the same way that our hero plants resist harsh climatic conditions and thrive, even when scorched under the Greek sun. Extracts from prickly pear are the most hydrating in the world for human skin, while artichoke extracts offer deep antioxidation and therefore contribute to anti-ageing.  We are advocating skinimalism.  As a company of ethos, we make sure our products are cruelty-freevegan, and fragrance-free.

Our company is specialised solely in skincare and uses only the “elite” of ingredients. What you offer to your clients are 100% Greek products that can be sold in your shop, lobby and displayed in your spa areas and definitely suitable for pop-up stores anywhere. Our branding elements are nature, divine light and art. In that sense, your customers buy Greek-ness but also products that stand out in style and quality.

20% off on retail pricing

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Oriad Athens


Oriad Athens is a Greek Luxury Skincare Brand with Unisex anti-ageing products, 100% Vegan & Cruelty-free Peta Certified, Fragrance-free and Pregnancy-Safe.

Our company represents an innovative high-end skincare philosophy beyond gender limitations, committed to protecting the entire environmental chain, while proving that Ingredient Purity, Effectiveness and Luxury can be perfectly combined.

Having a 5-star hotel background, both Dafni and Dora know the needs of the Greek hospitality from the inside.

Oriad Athens provides Greek, Elegant, Platic-free, Unisex and 100% Vegan & Cruelty-free products for:


Signature face anti-ageing spa treatment,

Products for spa cabine use,

Luxury skincare amenities (glass packaging οf: face serum, face toner, full body oil – in a small size of 5ml) as a welcome gift/turndown amenity, and with the option to have a custom print with your hotel logo, giving the added value of an exclusive collaboration.

Offer your valued customers a unique in-room skincare experience full of sustainability and minimal elegance, and make their stay even more memorable.

Oriad Athens offers 20% discount on retail to all Boutique Setters members with an exclusive code that applies to all products online.

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Ringana Logo

For RINGANA, freshness means both the removal of preservatives and the permanent, continuous production of small batches. In this way, storage times can be minimised as far as possible.

The products are a maximum of 10-14 days old when they arrive at the hotel. This freshness is felt by guests.

RINGANA offers unique skin care for your clients and leaves no trace of microplastics or parabens in the waste water.

Your guests can receive their individual care line at check-in.

The products can be used for facial treatments in the spa or as a healthy support for maximum fitness performance.

Slim by Apriori




āprī-ôrī (lat.) Used in mathematics and logic to denote something that is known or postulated before a proof has been carried out

‘Oral care is core to our everyday routines, but like many other daily rituals, dental hygiene is often perceived as a ‘background task’ within our lives. As a result, products frequently lack aesthetic values, focusing on function whilst disregarding form.

We seek to reset this view’

Kiril Guriev
Founder & CEO

Founded in London in 2016, Apriori has established a reputation for its extraordinary collection of toothbrushes. In late 2019 Apriori has taken an everyday item and re-designed it in a clear, elegant and simple way; that’s how the SLIM by Apriori line was born.

The SLIM by Apriori represents a departure from traditional oral care products, with its focus on combining effective cleaning with sustainability and a striking aesthetic. 

The toothbrush, developed in cooperation with dental specialists, has been recognized for its design excellence with a Red Dot Award in 2020.

But Apriori doesn’t just stop at beautiful design and top-notch oral care; the brand is also committed to sustainability and eco-friendliness. With the use of plant-based and compostable materials, bio-based filaments, and compostable packaging, Apriori prioritizes reducing its impact on the environment. 

Sustainability is at the heart of everything Apriori does, and by creating products that are both beautiful and sustainable, the brand is setting a new standard in the industry and paving the way for a more eco-friendly future.

In conclusion, Apriori is a brand that truly embodies the idea that form and function can coexist. With the Apriori toothbrush, you can start and end your day with the confidence that you are using a product that is both effective and beautiful, and that prioritizes the health of your teeth and the environment.

Key Facts

Red Dot award winner: Product Design 2020

Developed in cooperation with dental specialists

Asymmetric bristle pad for perfect cleaning and polishing of the tooth surface

Efficient cross-furrow cleaning surface, meaning brushing is effective yet gentle on teeth and gums

Plant-based and compostable materials

Bio-based filaments

Compostable packaging

In-house manufacturing and QA

FDA-approved materials and ISO Certified

  • A blend of functionality, sustainability and design. A truly unique yet practical hotel amenity that will amaze even the most demanding guest. 
  • Luxurious packaging that makes the product look like a gift and not a plain, old amenity. 
  • Multiple colorations to choose from, depending on the hotel’s design and aesthetic. 
  • It’s incomparable to every other dental kit. 
  • It augments the bathroom, since it’s a true thing of beauty. 
  • It can create an extra revenue stream for the hoteliers since it can be also sold to the guests that request it. 
  • The guests will surely take it home with them as opposed to the menial toothbrushes that the hotels are currently offering. This creates less plastic waste for the hoteliers. 
  • The same exact toothbrush is being sold worldwide in retail points at a premium price. Thus, it isn’t a “budget” product made for the hotels exclusively such as every other hotel amenity.
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