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DigitalGuest is a powerful personalized guest experience web app that enables hotels to maximize revenue, reduce prints and automate communication throughout the whole guest journey! We empower hotels to deliver a remarkable digital guest experience, while streamlining hotel operations and boosting the average spend per guest. Personalized enticing offers, automated communication, guest feedback and so much more – all in one digital guest experience platform, completely customized to match your hotel’s brand image.

  • Maximize revenue – Upgrades, room service, and upselling extras made easy! Sweeten your guest’s stay directly from their own smartphones from pre-stay to in-stay and boost the average spend per guest.
  • Be sustainable – Reduce the use of paper at your hotel by having all information gathered in your digital platform and keep your guests and staff well-informed about your sustainable initiatives.
  • Save valuable time – With a personalized and automated communication flow that covers the entire guest journey, you have time to focus on what truly matters – your guests
  • Happier guests – Increase the guest satisfaction by giving them a smooth and personalized guest journey,  easy access to all information and customized upgrades. This will for sure boost the positive guest reviews and loyalty.
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Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, two entrepreneurs found themselves in a difficult situation, as all their ongoing projects and operations came to an abrupt halt. With time on their hands and a determination to make a positive impact, they chose to channel their efforts into creating something meaningful for future generations. This marked the beginning of V1CE.

In just three short years, V1CE has evolved into a global brand, spanning across three continents and reaching over 150 countries. We take immense pride in collaborating with esteemed partners such as SpaceX, Google, Emirates, Spotify, and Jumeirah on this remarkable journey.


At V1CE, our mission is to redefine the way people connect by innovating with the latest technology and combining it with sustainable solutions for next-level networking. We aim to assist individuals and businesses in enhancing their networking experiences while increasing productivity, efficiency, and profitability. We’re committed to addressing the climate challenges faced by today’s and future generations by promoting eco-friendly practices.
“Connect Smarter, Not Harder”


The Founders believed that starting a business during COVID-19 highlighted the importance of having a project that matters; creating a brand that impacts the world. Our core values revolve around innovation, sustainability, customer-centricity, integrity and collaboration.

Choosing V1CE allows you to ensure that actions today create a better tomorrow. By partnering with experts in sustainability, we assessed the environmental impact of our Product Range. We consider small steps towards sustainability and smarter networking can lead to significant positive changes for our customers, our planet and future green networking solutions. The speed on networking combined with the reduced carbon footprint through paper business card, plus the innovative products we have in our range will make you stand out from the rest and reach your clients like never before”

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We will share selected complementary products in return for your video case study to be featured on our website. Contact the Boutique Setters team to find out more.

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