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  • ATHLESIS+ (Quality Fitness Solutions), by Athlesis is a customer-centric fitness consultant & fitness management company. Our mission is to create innovative fitness ​spaces that Inspire – Encourage -Support well-being improvement.
Designing a successful hotel gym is quite a different skill set to being, say, a hotel architect or designer!

Athlesis+ draws upon its many years of experience to offer tailor-made solutions while working with the hotel owners & architects to give birth to the hotel concept.

We go a step further and upgrade gym areas to become a Unique Selling Point for the hotel rather than just a usual gym option.

Our services include:

  • Fitness Area Concept Development
  • Fitness Area Management
  • In room Fitness Facilities
  • Outdoor Fitness training
  • fitness events

5% off on personal training

(*discount is offered when requested through our partners Boutique Setters)

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