The Boutique Community

The Boutique Community

What is hospitality concept design?

Many elements combined create your concept. You need something stronger than just fresh interior design. The one element that stands out is your Story. Once this is nailed down you can use all other elements to dress it.

New Developments

Concept design, your hotel's storytelling!

Your hotel’s DNA is captured & conveyed in your concept.

Defining your concept design before jumping into making is absolutely vital as it sets the foundation for the entire guest experience. 

A well-defined concept not only guides the architectural and design choices but also ensures that every aspect of the hotel, from amenities to staff training, aligns cohesively to create a unique and memorable experience.

Whether you are investing in a new Hotel development or you wish to rebrand/ reposition your existing company,  the Boutique Setters experts will partner with your selected team (architects, interior designers…) to outline the key business elements for the new hotel development, which will be integrated into the design and concept to ensure a successful venture.

Furthermore, if needed we have already done the job for you and have verified a team of experts ready for you to pick subject to your budget.  From architects and interior designers to construction companies, and more. 

What We Do

  • We are good listeners.
  • We partner with your team and based on your budget we capture a powerful idea and so your hotel’s philosophy and narrative that will distinguish your property from the competition.
  • We define your Storytelling.
  • We craft the overall guest experience at your hotel, deciding on the various services with the goal of maximizing revenue from many sources.
  • Our experts can further enhance your hotel’s Branding regarding your look and feel, tone of voice, marketing materials, and online sales boosting through social media strategy.

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