The Boutique Community

The Boutique Community

“A sales strategy is fundamentally the most vital requirement of an organization in order to sell its products and gain profits. This strategy is usually formulated by the aforesaid sales team.”
As per McKinsey’s analysis, there are five proven tactics to follow:
  • Finding growth before your competitors do
  • Selling the way customers want
  • Optimizing sales operations and technology
  • Finding sales leaders who continually challenge the status quo and thoughtfully manage performance.
  • Leading sales growth to make change happen.


Boost your Sales!

Targeting long-term objectives while collecting and analysing all necessary information

Let’s craft a plan. Strategy is a project. Thoroughly assessing all project elements is crucial.

We do deep research and market analysis, (on past and current conditions) and we create a robust strategic plan to optimize revenue and performance.

Our verified method is the implementation of a successful Sales Strategy that targets the right segments and channels for the intended audience while boosting direct sales.

The Boutique Setters team will guide you along the process of implementing the right strategy and leveraging innovative technologies and opportunities to promote growth and boost revenue.

What We Do


  • Market research and analysis 
  • Competition review 
  • Defining your hotel’s Strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, and threats 
  • Pricing and distribution strategy 
  • Revenue Management system Optimization 
  • PMS Optimization
  • Direct sales and Sales Representation (Research and expansion in new markets, new client acquisition, building strong relationships, fostering connections, discovering value-add opportunities.)
  • Reservations & Front office team training

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